Chapter Two: Relationships

12 Mar

The next morning, I stood next to my window and watched the sunrise. Something so simple made me feel such an unwarranted and profound sense of loss.

My new life was surprisingly similar to my old one. I still love cooking, and to add the extra flair. Even more shocking, I could still taste food. It wasn’t satisfying in the least. In fact, quite the opposite. Almost like giving a thirsty man salsa, it only made my throat burn more. However, I dreamed of one day having French toast again.

Something that also hadn’t changed was my need for money. While I knew I intended to become an expert at a few things, I did know where my strengths lied. I applied for a job at the local restaurant complex, and was pleasantly surprised. They had a job for me as a kitchen scullion, cleaning up after tired chefs. Joy.

Still it was as foot in the door. I even bought a small recycling bin with my first paycheck! And on top of that, it was primarily night, so the short time I was outside was enough for me to remain conscious. I found the sunlight was not near as much of an issue as legend would detail.

I could tolerate small quantities of sunlight at time, though no more than six hours. It merely felt as it if someone was pricking my skin. If I waited too long, the pricking would become unbearable and I would pass out.

Then I arrived home, and found my first bill. 222 simolenans! I couldn’t believe how much this apartment was costing me. Still, I had too much rooted here to move. I did however invite Ebby over for another game of chess. I even studied a chess book before he came over. Still, I had tried to bring it up subtlety while trying to figure out my move.

“So, Ebby, did you notice my bill was extremely high this month?” Okay, maybe not so subtle.

“Yes, yes. This always happens because the first month you’re paying for two. After that, it’s all prepaid. By the way, did I tell you how I almost flew all the way to Twinbrook?” That was the end of the discussion.

However even more shocking was his non-reaction to my newly acquired state. He must have not noticed.

Ebby was sweet guy, though a little eccentric. Still his Good nature was unfailing, and it was interesting to hear him go on and one about different pieces of art. It seemed Ebby had become my closest friend in Bridgeport. And while I was enthralled about having a friend, I needed to meet someone other than my landlord.


That night, I headed out to the local vampire longue, Plasma 501. It turns out Bridgeport has a small vampire population, as well as a few desperate who wanted to join the ranks of the undead. I laughed at their foolishness. I could never imagine choosing this myself.

I realized this was probably why Ebby didn’t react. In fact, he probably knew plenty of vampires. I was another one, nothing for him to fear or acknowledge.

I danced and drank that night, for the first time appreciating the night life creatures of the night could truly have. I didn’t even get anyone’s name, but I did somehow manage to get drunk enough to dance on the counters.

I woke up with a pounding headache, and a realization how stupid I was. I reveled in the fact that I hadn’t done anything I’d regret, took some useless aspirin, and crawled back in bed.


The next day at work, one of my sub-bosses confronted me. The restaurant had begun to notice something I never had. Any dish I had any contact with, the patron always adored. Since I never directly prepared a dish, only being increasingly close, only a chef or two noticed it, and attributed it to luck. None the less, I was promoted to Spice Runner.

I tried to call Ebby, to ask out to a celebratory dinner, but he was ‘busy’. It sounded like another person was with him. None the less, I smiled and said that was fine. I took out a cookbook and spent the rest of the night reading it.

It was fascinating how many recipes were prepared by almost taste alone. I was beginning to see how challenging it would be to be a vampire chef. Still, my heart was still delighted from the promotion, and cooking continued to be on my mind as I went to sleep that night.


The next day at work, I met a sim named Alexy Fresco. He was really handsome, and frankly, I was in to him. He was a fairly nice guy, as well as being decently known locally. I even got to chat with him during one of our breaks.

“So you’re new,” he had said. “I’m Alexy. And you are?” I had been stunned for a moment, not expecting him to talk to me.

“What’s the matter, llama got you tongue?” I laughed, and we spent the rest of the break talking to him.


He was sweet artistic guy, and really romantic. When he started pursuing me, I couldn’t stop him. The roses, phone calls, and little hearts left around the workplace sent my heart a flutter.

We even had out first kiss outside the restaurant. He had been talking about oils and the different types of canvases. While I loved to hear him talk, he was getting annoying. To shut him up, I kissed him.

You’d have thought he’d never been kissed. Then again, I never had. He just stood there, sputtering for a few moments, before he came to his senses.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” he said so quickly I barely heard him. I nodded, and kissed him again. We headed back to his place, where we spent the rest of the night making out on the couch. It was amazing, but…

My mind was elsewhere. Ebby hadn’t been responding to my calls lately. In fact, he had started answering the calls, then hanging up immediately. I had begun to obsess over him, wondering where he was. Half the night, I imagined what it would be like if I was kissing him instead of Alexy!

I did my best to push these thoughts out of my head. I was here with Alexy now. I needed to get my priorities straight.

It wasn’t until the next day did things go horribly wrong.


I had work off, so I spent the whole day sleeping. I must have been trying to ignore the omniscient feeling in my stomach. I woke up a six pm, and decided enough was enough. I was going to go out and enjoy myself, and not worry about Alexy.

After a twenty-minute ride to Waylon’s Haunt, I walked in the bar. There were quite a few people there, and I was glad to not be alone. Walking up to the bar, I ordered a ‘Big Mistake’. I should have taken it as a warning.

As I sat in the bar stool, I heard Ebby’s voice. I turned around to say hi to him, and I was going to ask where he’d been.

When I swiveled around, I saw Ebby making out with another girl. I gasped and dropped my drink.


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2 responses to “Chapter Two: Relationships

  1. igaverikuapapoufruit

    March 12, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    Um…did you make a typing fail or something? xD Alexy’s her boyfriend, right? And Ebby’s just the dude that gave her the apartment? So why’d she freak out when she found out Ebby was kissing a girl?

    • Saffron Adaire

      March 12, 2011 at 9:36 pm

      Nope, not a typo. Maybe she feels a little more for him than she realizes….;)


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